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Dec 15th, 2017, 06:45am

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 1   Swadhyayees ready to be independent / Jo Crime Kiya Hain .. Bhugatna Padega  on: Sep 15th, 2017, 3:49pm
Started by Violence in name of religion | Post by Vijay Mehta
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Which crook is nexthuh

Good news - finally the government, courts and general public is realising that so called self proclaimed God man and woman are biggest criminals. They have been living like the laws do not apply to them. They thought they can get away raping someone - killing someone or doing anything they desire with no one to challenge them. Times are surely changing looking at all these people.

Ram Rahim is serving 20 years for rape that he thought he was entitled to. On top of that he is now facing the trial for murder of Chhatrapati and Ranjit Singh who were murdered in 2002. The sect chief is an accused in both murder cases as these were carried out allegedly at his behest.

Well this may be something other murderers (you know who I mean) need to be careful about - just because it has been many years since murder.. there is no statute of limitation on Murder.

Just because you are rich and powerful and have lakhs of blind follower who will threaten the law and order .. does not mean law and order will cave in for you.

Jo Crime Kiya Hain
Bhugatana padega!!

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 2   Swadhyayees ready to be independent / Re: Shahid Shri Pankajbhai Trivedi  on: Aug 28th, 2017, 12:45am
Started by Violence in name of religion | Post by murakho
RAM RAHIM BABO GAYO JEL MA. MOTA Saheb Modiji Patni bhuli gaya vandho nahi kher but jadi nani ben no bhulya hoy to saru. AVA DHONGI CHEATER LOKO NE JEL HAVALE KARO. JADI NO NUMBER KYARE AVSHE?

it seems DADA has copied partly -dera sacha souda DSS cult model of no donation but free labor prayog . bhavsmaprpan like collection and paying own expense

if not 10, Gujarat high can make discount of 50% five years jail term pan chalshe

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