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Jan 20th, 2018, 10:03am

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xx Vijay Uncle I got a ? on Visa & Citizenship Fraud
« Thread started on: Feb 6th, 2010, 11:01pm »

Visa fraud and fraud for citizenship in abroad is a big problem among our Desi community. What's truly disturbing that people would do multiple marriages and such to come to western countries. I understand people want to attain a better life, but why do all these kinds of fraud? It's the wrong step to go. There is a lot of motivation for greed. What surprises me how can a person do multiple marriages in order to bring people into a western country?? Does anyone ever think how dishonorable it is to use Holy marriage as a way to do fraud? I think fraud of immigration cases in our Desi community will skyrocket. There will be plenty of people who will fill the pages of Dark Side Life posts of immigration crimes.

Vijay Uncle, what's your perspective on visa and citizenship fraud? Does the mutiple fake marriages justify for a better life and what message does these practices send to our Indian Community? Does it hurt and help the Indian Community by doing illegal practices like in USA?

Well for many end justifies the means. They put on the blinders so only thing they see is the destination. Actual fraud is much worse than the stories of those who are caught would indicate. - Vijay Uncle

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