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Jan 22nd, 2018, 10:53am

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xx Speed dating more than musical chairs
« Thread started on: Jul 1st, 2007, 1:16pm »

Speed dating - more than musical chairs!

What: Speed dating

When: Friday 1:30 t0 3:30 PM for group A
Where: Longwood Room at Hilton Garden

When; Friday 3:30 to 5:30 PM for group B
Where: Evergreen Room at Hilton Garden

Concept: psychologists believe that human being can figure out if there is any attraction or not in a very short period of time. 2 minutes may be enough for many to figure out if there is no chemistry. Because of this all hook up desi events have so called speed dating. Basically, all participants are placed on a line of chair and at the end of designated period one group move on to the next chair to introduce him/her self.

My take: I think it may work for some one who is looking for a date. He/she can rule out some external characteristics to make a better choice. It definitely beats blind date. However, desi mind is extremely complex. We are not looking for chemistry only but short and long term compatibility. Meeting random people can be very frustrating because many of us have so many parameters that we are trying to fulfill.

Execution: Entire JNF group is divided in 9 groups of male and 9 groups of females. For the purpose of speed date you will have a number that will make it easy for others to send a ‘smile’ to you. I suggest for you to keep the number for as many activities as possible. This will improve your chances of getting message based on your interaction during other sessions and activities.

How can we improve the process?

First, we have made a very sincere effort to break down entire pool of candidate in age appropriate manner; this will improve your odds of meeting someone your age. Not everyone is going to be happy with the arrangement but we believe this gives us best shot at serving the maximum number of participants.

Second, we want to encourage you to use your encounter at speed date, “to build on.” At the end of any activities you may turn in your results. You may feel the need to learn more about certain participants. Feel free to send a ‘smile.’ I have developed a tool that will generate an automatic email to let the person know of your interest. This is presuming that tool will work properly and I won’t end up sorting the results manually!

Once you are notified that a particular someone has showed interest (smiled at you), you should check out all the information available in our JNF booklet. This will equip you with better understanding and you may then address more relevant issues with him/her.

If you are not able to find even 30 percent of good contact during speed date, your threshold may be too high. On the other hand if you find yourself liking every one you might have to re adjust standards. Remember, all you are doing with your ‘smile’ is to let someone know that you would like to know more about him or her!

I would like to cover about 25 people on the first speed date, next 25 people during smart date on Saturday and the rest 25 in your age group you should try to introduce your self during one of our activities.

You may send a smile to someone even if you did not encounter that person during speed date. This is simply to acknowledge that you might be interested.
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