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Jan 23rd, 2018, 10:49am

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xx Re: Pankaj Trivedi Murdered...
« Reply #15 on: Jun 21st, 2006, 8:20pm »

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xx Swadhyay Spin - Bheekh and Bhav
« Reply #16 on: Jun 22nd, 2006, 01:59am »

Dear Vijay,

Let's get one fact clear. No one likes murder of Pankaj Trivedi - whether you are in Swadhyay or not in Swadhyay. However, if it is not proven that Didi or Swadhyay Parivar as an organization is behind this. Until the time the truth is out and proven in the court - one should keep mouth shut and let police do their job.

Yes - someone can be Jagrut Swadhyay because Swadhyay is so important to him/her. However, the method employed by M/s Pankaj Trivedi & few dozen others is not acceptable simply becasue it is illogical for them to expect that Swadhyay Parivar be run according to their whims and fancies. Everyone is entitled to express their view about Parivar matters (like all of us do) but if someone goes out of Parivar and then tries to destroy the Parivar, then he/she is not acceptable.

Pankaj Trivedi is on record to say that "I have seen a Dedh-Garoli falling in Doodh-Pak and it is my responsibility to spill this Doodh-Pak". Well - my question to such thinking is - (a) first of all there is no proof of any wrong doing - if there is any proof then prove it in the court and (b) why don't you go and create a better 'doodh-pak' and show us how better / smarter you are.

It is very easy to jump up and down to say this is wrong, that is wrong but difficult to do positive work over long period.

This is not to suggest - everything is perfect in Swadhyay. At the end of the day - we all human beings are imperfect. I myself think there are few things in Pariar which I think we can do better and I have expressed my feelings at all level. But I am not out to destroy Parivar. It is very easy to destroy something but difficult to build what Puj. Dadaji did painstakingly over last 50+ years.

As for accounting related issues - all trust funds are audited and returns are filed with Charity Commissioner (which anyone can obtain and see for him/herself). If there is anything legally wrong - complained should be filed with relevant authorities, proper investigations should be carried out and guilty be punished.

Compalints regarding misuse of Earthquake fund has been made in the past also, Charity Commissioner carried out invesitgations and nothing wrong was found.

To recycle same allegations again and again after 5 years does not make sense and suggest malise on the part of people doing so.

Swadhyay is the one of the few NGO in India that works despite never soliciting any kind of fund / donation. One can not donate ("Daan") to Swadhyay. However, if someone comes to Swadhyay for at least six months, understand Swadhyay philosophy and wants to contribute as his/her "Bhagwan No Bhaag" - he is welcome to contribute with clear understanding that this is "Bhaav-Samarpan" and not donation. There are plenty of other places in Society where one can donate.

Puj. Dadaji lived his life along the principle of "Ayachak vrat" (not to ask for help) and he has distilled same philosophy in all comunities and villages where Swadhyay work has taken its root. At the risk of sounding arrogant, let me say, other than Swadhay all NGOs need to ask for "Bheekh" (begging) to get their work going whereas Swadhyay never asks for any money.

So why the hell this noise about money?

Puj. Dadaji told again and again that Swadhyay is about relationship and it is about developing our mind, soul and brain. But sorry to say that despite this some people still forget that.

I don't think anyone is asking to keep your eyes shut. In fact one should keep his/her eyes wide open and decide what is right and what is wrong.

Once again let me repeat what I said - if you like Swadhyay you are welcome and if you don't like Swadhyay you are free to leave. If there is anything legally wrong - please raise with relevant authorities.

At the end of the day - Swadhyay will continue if and only if it follows the path laid down by Pujya Dadaji.

Everyone is important in Swadhyay Karya as it is a "Yagna" and yet no individual is indispensible in Swadhyay Karya.

You make some very good points.
No one should jump to conclusion as to who is behind the tragic murder of Panjakbhai.
I think it is better to work within the system to change it as much as possible.
Pankajbhai's murder has suddenly brought lime light to Swadhyay and I am sure it will lead to more transparent accounting.
Pankajbhai anticipated the violent end and he wrote to as many people as he could to forwarn them. He was not the only one but there are ten more people who have been victims of violence, including Vinoo Sachania. Only thing common among all these is .. they were very active swadhyay members few years ago and now they are questioning the operations of Swadhyay. Can this be just a co incidence?
I disagree with you about the Bheekh and Bhav concept. If you ask for donation to help earthquake victims that is not Bheekh or begging. I think you are using Bhav and Bheekh to justify the fact that you do not have to account for what happens to money.
Whether it is Bhav or Bheekh most prudent thing to do is to be transparent about where funds were used.
When parivar accumulates wealth does it belong to the masses or is it property of few in charge?

- Vijay Mehta

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xx More spin from SP
« Reply #17 on: Jun 22nd, 2006, 02:09am »

Dear A-Swadhyayee from Canada,

Let me share some wisdom with you:

1. Incidents of beating up - there were 3 or 4 incidents happened. It has never been proved that Swadhyay Parivar was behind this. So keep your mouth shut until it is proved, OK?

2. Didi has been active in Swadhyay since 1980s and has not appeared overnight in Karya. If you don't know this - it shows that either you were not in Swadhyay or new in Swadhyay.

3. 100+ trusts - can you name all the trusts? What nonsense you are talking about?

4. Old Swadhyayees who were 25 to 45 years old in Karya and left - for every such person who left, I can name 20 or more who are in karya for equal long time and still there. So what's your point?

5. Giving Dada benefit of doubt etc. - I have simple suggestion for you. If you do not have trust or faith in Puj. Dada, do not go to Swadhyay. It is as simple as that. You are simply wasting your time. Go and join a Bhajan Mandali in your area - sorry to say this but Swadhyay is not for you.

On June 21st 9.20 PM Swadhyayi from Canada wrote...

Yes, it is true that the incidents of beating up some swadhyayees happened in Dada's life time.

Yes, it is true that Dada kept followes in Dark and did not reveal his intention of GADI PRATHA establishment until later stage of his life.

Yes, it is true that Dada did not do anything to stop some nuisances like Vyaktipuja. Now parivar is indulging in to Vanshpuja...what a shame!

yes, it si true that Dada himself establsihed over 100 trusts and continued accumulating money in them and did not spend for human-upliftment.

Yes, it is true that almost all of the old swadhyayees, who spent anywhere between 25 to 45 years in SWADHYAY left swadhyay when Dada was alive but for Dada nothing was more important than his daughter,

MOST OF THE gurus LOVE TO BECOME GOD but refuse to become a true GURU.

I would love to give Dada a benefit of doubt, but looking at the facts I am helpless. "
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Independent Observer
xx Re: Pankaj Trivedi Murdered...
« Reply #18 on: Jun 22nd, 2006, 6:44pm »

I see a stiriking difference in posts by Didi-swadhyayi and people who question them and in all honesty, some of the the Didi swadhyayis are using very abusive language. This shows how any sampraday transforms an open minded person into an intolerant and blind follower. This is true for any sampraday in any religion.

Are you older than Vijaybhai and that is why started with "Vijay" and not "Vijaybhai"? Or you are simply mad at him because he started this thread?

Lets look at some of the comments "Swadhyayi" recently made on this forum. He stated and I quote, " However, the method employed by M/s Pankaj Trivedi & few dozen others is not acceptable simply becasue it is illogical for them to expect that Swadhyay Parivar be run according to their whims and fancies. "

So what he is saying is that any one who question or oppose something, by his absurd definiton becomes illogical and blind followers like him label it as "whims" and "Fancies". It is very clear to me who is illogical here. The fact is swadhyay does not allow any criticism or any questions. If you are not ready to become a blind follower, you do not belong in swadhyay.

His second argument for Pankajbhai goes like this: ") why don't you go and create a better 'doodh-pak' and show us how better / smarter you are." This person Swadhyayi seems to deliberately raise such stupid issues. As per his definition, if you are not a GURU or a LEADER, you can not question anything.

He also brags about "positive work" but the question is can he name few villages where the education level or standard of living of people has gone up due to swadhyay?

Can he tell us how mnay trusts swadhyay has and who are the trustees and how many crores of ruppes are there in these trusts collecting interest year after year?

He also stated that there are some things in swadhyay that he doesn't like. I hope he is talking about vyakti-puja, Vansh-puja, wealth accumulation, violent attacks, BRAINWASHING, MANIPULATION to name a few.

Can you tell us what percentage of earthquake donation was in fact used to provide raw materials to victims? Can you tell us IF swadhyay "BUILD" any houses for the earthquake victims? Why DAY's balance was up about 3 million US dollars in the year 2002, which is very unusual compared to previous years?

Can you tell why DAY stopped filing with I.R.S. after 2002?

Can you tell the current cash on hand DAY has?

He also talks about " BHAV-SAMARPAN" which is the same as donation ( by the way if you notice, swadhyay has always used very heavy words like " ASHMITA-JAGRUTI", "HUMAN-UPLIFTMENT", " APOURUSH-LAXMI (impersonal wealth", "BHAV-VRUDHDHI", " BHAV-FERI", "BHAKTI-FERI"(Pure marketing) to attract people and pull the crowd in. Once you are in, you are expected to do what they say, you are not allowed to ask any questions or oppose anything. The minute you do, they stop seeing "GOD" within you and start behaving in the same manner as this "Swadhyayi" is behaving.

Also they stop seeing "GOD" within you as soon as a new swadhyay kendra is established in your area as now they need to go somewhere else for marketing.

I know swadhayayis spend their own money when they go for "BHAV-FERI" (Marketing trip). Is this also true for DIDI? Who is paying for her first class trips all over the world every year?

He also stated arogantly, "other than Swadhay all NGOs need to ask for "Bheekh" (begging) to get their work going whereas Swadhyay never asks for any money."

Well this may be true, but the real question is what happens to this money? If money collected by bagging is used for needy people, it is indeed a noble humanatarian work. On the other hand, if money collected as " BAHV-SAMARPAN" ( I can't stop laughing at these words, sorry swadhyayi) is not used for the intended cause, it is cheating with the people.

Now I warn everybody to tighten your belts, BUCKLE UP as this is going to get very ugly if few of his posts are any indication. He seems to have extremely low tolerance for the truth.

wink angry sad sad sad
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Texan Here
xx India Tribune Article
« Reply #19 on: Jun 22nd, 2006, 8:39pm »

India Tribue has a detailed article on Pankajbhai trivedi's murder case titled "PARIVAR TOP BOSSES SUSPECTED." Aug 6, 2006

From News Dispatches Ahmedabad: A Non-Resident Indian of Ohio was murdered by four unidentified persons on June 15 evening just outside a club, police said. The victim identified as Pankaj Trivedi (43) was clubbed to death by the four assailants just after he stepped outside the Ellisbride Gymkhana, police said. Officials said that the watchman of the club could have witnessed the incident, as it was he who had raised an alarm about the attack. Police is on the lookout for the assailants and are probing the reasons behind the murder.

Officials said that preliminary probe revealed that the victim was a resident of the United States and was in town recently. “The victim had also feared for his life from some persons of a powerful religious sect. We are investigating the matter”, an official said. Meanwhile, on June 19, even four days after Pankaj Trivedi was murdered, the police were still groping in the dark. Seemingly restrained by the influence of the socio-spiritual organization involved, investigations seem to be going at a tardy pace and have been transferred to the CID (crime).

Now the focus is on five persons named by Trivedi in letters found from his car, but none has been questioned so far. According to police sources, Trivedi had written letters to the President, the Chief Minister, the State Home Minister, the director general of police and the Ahmedabad police commissioner, indicating that his life was under threat. “If any of my family members or myself is hurt or murdered, then the following people should be questioned,” wrote Trivedi in his letter to the President on November 10, 2005.

He named Dhanshree Talwalkar, alias ‘Didi’, Bharat Bhatt, a parivar member, Dhiren Joshi, Prashant Rawal, a retired sessions judge, and Manish Shaushali, a resident of Rajkot. “We have information that Trivedi in his letter to the President accused five persons, including Dhanshree Talwalkar alias Didi.

We would be interrogating the deceased’s family members, and action would be taken against anyone whose name would emerge,” said Ellisbridge police inspector, N.K. Rathod. When asked about the letters deputy commissioner of police (zone 1) A.K. Jadeja said, “We have not questioned anyone accused in the letters since the case is being investigated by the CID crime. However, we are investigating involvement of professional killers hired to murder Trivedi.” Preliminary post-mortem reports indicated that Trivedi was attacked thrice with a hard blunt weapon in the head.

Meanwhile, the cell phone number found in Trivedi’s car is from Jamnagar. Trivedi’s family members are to arrive in Ahmedabad soon for his funeral. “We would also be taking their statements and ask whether they suspect anyone,” Jadeja said.

Jagdish Shah, a close friend of Trivedi said on June 17 that even he has been receiving threat calls. “I had got three calls on my cell phones and two more on my land line numbers. The person on the line threatened me to be prepared for dire consequences,” says Shah. Shah has also applied for police protection at the Satellite police station. One more person, Pradeep Shah, associated with the organization, has also sought police protection.

Trivedi had also written a letter to the Resident Agent In-charge of US Secret Service based in Dayton, Ohio, seeking protection for himself and his family and addressed to Todd R. Bagby. Trivedi wrote: ‘’Seeking appropriate protection for me and my family from the leader and fanatic followers of ‘Devotional Association of Yogeshwar’ also known as ‘Swadhyay’, whose unethical and illegal activities I have exposed.

The head of the organization is Jayashree Talwalkar a.k.a Didi.’’ Trivedi further wrote: “On April 1, 2006, outside the Newark airport in New Jersey, four unknown people threatened me and asked me to stop all my activities related to exposing the unethical work of ‘Swadhyay’ organization. This is one of the several incidents that myself and my family have faced in the US and India ever since I started asking questions openly about the motives and financial activities of this organization.” Claiming that he was also being falsely implicated, Trivedi wrote: “My biggest concern is that they have become so desperate now that the media has started to take notice of their unethical work that they might fabricate evidence against me and my family.

“One such incident happened last week. They had falsely written a letter to an unknown person under my name claiming that I had intentions of hurting President George Bush. Rightfully, concerned, Secret Service agents investigated me. While I gave you my full cooperation since I didn’t write that letter and have absolutely no political interest anywhere, my concern is that Didi and her followers are so powerful and well-connected that they will continue to do such things to harass me.

” Trivedi claimed in his letter that he was associated with the Swadhyay Parivar since 1972. “At that time, the main objective was to spread the philosophical aspect of Hindu religion.

However, over the last five years, I found the organization has been collecting millions of dollars and not a penny spent on the cause for which the money was collected.

When I started asking questions, I was harassed,” Trivedi wrote, adding that “During my investigations I found:
” * After 2001 Gujarat earthquake, Devotional Association of Yogeshwar collected about $4.2 million from people in the US. The founder’s niece claimed that they have built around 40,000 houses for the earthquake victims, but a UN report suggests that only about 10 per cent of the money collected was spent. * In the UK, the organization had collected about 310,097 pounds for that cause but only about 10 per cent of it was transferred to India. I have a letter from the government of Gujarat that this organization has not built any houses and have no “MoU” with it. *

They have forcefully closed “Bhavnigar Temple” in Ahmedabad, claiming that it is a property of the trust. However, the money to build temple was collected from people and government. I have registered a legal case against them to reopen the temple, in Ahmedabad Civil Sessions Division Court and the case No. is 567/ 2002. *

There are several complaints against me in various courts in Gujarat. On March 8, 2006, the High Court of Gujarat threw away all the cases against me and asked the followers to stop harassing me. “If anything happens to me or my family in India or the USA, Jayshree Talwalkar (aka Didi), her husband Niwas Talwalkar and their followers are responsible for that,” Trivedi wrote in the letter.

On June 16, a close friend of Trivedi, Jagdish Shah, said: “I am aware of that letter. Pankajbhai had spoken to me in that regard.” “Two months back, an attempt was made to attack Trivedi in Gondal. He had lodged a complaint with the police there,” Shah said. According to Shah, “Pankajbhai had also informed the Chief Minister Narendra Modi, Minister of State for Home Amit Shah and Law Minister Ashok Bhatt about the irregularities done by Swadhyay members in using foreign funds for the earthquake. He had also expressed fear that he and his family are facing threat to life.” Swadhyay members could not be contacted despite repeated attempts. Meanwhile, the police are clueless about the absconding accused. Police said that while they were investigating the rivalry angle in Swadhyay, nobody had lodged a complaint in this regard. “So we are keeping the investigation open,” police said.

This is India Tribune article from August 2006. Since than we have Bharat Bhatt, Ghanshayam Chudasama and several others long time Swadhyayees are charged with murder of Pankajbhai. This crime was not committed for any personal gain but on behalf of Swadhyay. NRI Swadhyayees are lost as to why such things happen under the name of religion? Didi might get an oppertunity to explain to us during her upcoming visit to Chicago. - Vijay Mehta

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xx Re: Pankaj Trivedi Murdered...
« Reply #20 on: Jun 22nd, 2006, 8:59pm »

First a motabhai says he took sleeping pills, but then admits to talking to Didi 15-30 minutes after the murder? How the hell did he find out so fast and what the hell is going on here?

Trying to have an open dialogue with other swadhyayis in my area has been tremendously frustrating.... conversations repeat like broken records.... "Nobody's grief was more than Didi's grief"......Swadhyay is like a garage w/ all types of cars".... "Pankaj Trivedi had gambling problems, that's why he was killed" ...... When did we stop thinking for ourselves and start regurgitating word for word everything we hear from our motabhais?

What disturbs me the most is that there is an underlying tacit belief that all the opponents of Swadhyay actually deserved what they had coming to them? Including murder!

Swadhyayi...I think that if we have faith in our organization, we have got to be more open to criticism, especially from an intellectual viewpoint. We have to stop attacking and questioning the committment of those that dare to question. Just because you don't understand, doesn't mean you don't care...

Pankaj Trivedi apparently had legitimate evidence suggesting monetary fraud within the organization. does anyone out there have any idea what he was driving at? We should all examine this further instead of pushing it under the rug...

Vijay...simply throwing out words like Gadi Prada, etc doesn't really make you sound very intelligent, in fact, it makes you sound like a fanatic.....let's cut the crap and start having a real debate...

I think the real question here is....if you enjoy and benefit from what a religious organization has to offer, but disagree with the leadership and way things are run, are you doing yourself and your soul a disservice by still being associated with it? Think about this in a context outside of Swadhyay....The Roman Catholic church has murdered hundreds and thousands (for an example, look up the Spanish Inquisition) and had priests molesting young boys, but yet provides millions of people with moral direction and solace....

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You better believe it
xx Re: Pankaj Trivedi Murdered...
« Reply #21 on: Jun 22nd, 2006, 9:17pm »

I believe there is a big difference between "spirituality" and " DHARMIKTA". If you study Hindu religion, you will notice that Sampradays do not nurture true YOGIS or SADHAKS. For example, Narsimh Mehta, Mirabai, Eknath, Tukaram, etc etc were successsful in their spiritual jorney and what is common between them all? They did not belong to any sampradaya.

Now this is not a mere coincident. The enviroment in sampradays is filled with all the nuisances such as GADI-PRATHA, VYAKTI-PUJA, VANSH-PUJA, MONEY, POWER, VIOLENCE etc. This is why it is extremely diffcult, I would say almost impossible to achieve GOD in an organized religion.

Mr. Unbelievable seems to be OK with GADI-PRATHA but the real problem with GADI-PRATHA is that merits, credentials are not required to inherit the GADI. The followers automatically become puppet of whoever inherit the GADI and instead of worshiping GOD, blind followers start worshiping GURU and his FAMILY. Instead of developing virtues, they develope BLIND FAITH.

Is this spirituality all about? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

This is a very important issue and we can discuss it some other time.
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xx Vyakti Puja
« Reply #22 on: Jun 22nd, 2006, 9:34pm »

Never said I was a supporter of Gadi pooja, vyakti pooja, etc.....

Vivekananda was a great soul...guess what? he had a guru, as did many others.... enlightenment without assistance is unbelievably rare...some that did it are now worshipped...Jesus, Mahavir, Buddha...

The need for organized religion is an age old debate which I can guarantee you has no chance of being resolved in this forum...

Vijay...if you are on your way to enlightenment, more power to you....though the amount of time you spend on the computer knocking Swadhyay doesn't really jive w/ truth seeking...

Guru's are very important but there is a difference between Guru and Govind. The former is a human being who may not be perfect in every which way. While Govind is perfect one.

I disagree with you, I have not knocked Swadhyay. As a matter of fact I am impressed with hundreds of Swadhyayees I know personally, including Sudhaben Aassar, who passed away a year ago. I have met so many young men and women in this country whose solid character has lot do to with Swadhyay.

The issue to me is what Pankajbhai died for. Do people have right to expect that a Bhav given with the intention of helping earthquake victims is used for that purpose?

Back in 2001 Red Cross collected lot more funds for 911 victims then they needed (they did not go begging for it, but people voluntarily donated) When I sent my check they returned stating that they no longer needed funds for 911, rather than using it for any other purpose.

Thank you. - Vijay Mehta

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You better believe it
xx Re: Pankaj Trivedi Murdered...
« Reply #23 on: Jun 22nd, 2006, 9:49pm »

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A Swadhyayee
xx Pankaj Trivedi Murdered...
« Reply #24 on: Jun 23rd, 2006, 1:41pm »

June 22, 2006

Will You Help Pankaj Trivedi who is killed in India?

In short, what Pandurang Shashtri Athavale collected as donations in the name of God for spread of thoughts of Srimad Bhagwad Geeta was not utilised for the purpose. These donations in the form of securities and bank investments amounted to Rupees two hundred crores. Further, the flow of donations in crores of rupees used to come regularly.

What was considered to be Devdravya was treated as personal wealth of Pandurang Shashtri during the last days of his life. He removed all neutral nearly 70 trustees from about 100 charitable trusts formed by him. His adopted daughter Jayshree Talwalkar and her husband were replaced as trustees which gave full control of The Devdravya to them.

This was objected by devoted followers who had laid their lives for strengthening of the movement or organisation. Further, the trusts had property worth Rupees five hundred crores. Donations worth nearly Rupees 400 crores were collected from NRIs of U.S. and U.K. for constructing houses for earth quake effected people but the same was not utilised for the purpose but was pocketed.

NRI Pankaj Trivedi started asking for accounts of Earth Quake Relief funds. He further filed an application before appropriate Indian Court for throwing open a temple (Bhav Nirjar) for members of public which was closed by Jayshree Talwalkar.

In retaliation, Pankaj Trivedi and other dedicated Swadhyayees were attacked and assaulted at the hands of ignorant new Swadhyayees. such actions gave bad name to the organisation. So number of false criminal cases under various Indian Penal Code sections were filed against Pankaj Trivedi and old dedicated Swadhyayees in rural India. The strategy was to compel these people to come to rural India where they would be killed by mobs. For the malice purpose, utter false inciting stories were fed to the masses.

Pankaj Trivedi filed writ petition against 22 identical cases and The High Court at Ahmedabad, India ruled that all the cases were fabricated and The Court observed that the language of all complaints by different ignorant Swadhyayees were word to word matching in 22 cases filed miles away to each other. The High Court at Ahmedabad quashed all the criminal complaints against Pankaj Trivedi and other old dedicated Swadhyayees at one go. The other side approached to The Supreme Court of India who also dismissed all the complaints, sealing doors for malicious desires of complainants to send Pankaj Trivedi and other dedicated old Swadhyayees to jail.

Pankaj Trivedi has been killed on 15th Night at Ahmedabad in India. According to a local news-paper Pankaj Trivedi had donated Rupees one and half crore to Pandurang Shashtri.

Indians who will fight for the cause of getting the murderers punished might meet the same fate. False criminal cases will also be filed against them which empower corrupt police officials to arrest and hammer them in lock-ups also make them vulnerable for fatal assaults at the hands of mobs. The slow judiciary cost heavy against whom the cases are filed and finish them financially.

Pankaj Trivedi when came to U.S. about three months ago had to face the grilling by Home Security Agency as a letter in Urdu with his photo along with the photo of Bin Laden was forwarded to Home Security Agency stating that Pankaj Trivedi was a threat to The President of U.S.A. He was found to be innocent and The Home Security Agency was to go in detail of the fabricated letter with false information about Pankaj Trivedi. Pankaj Trivedi would have been prime witness in un-earthing of this fraud.

He should have been killed by his enemies to protect themselves from legal actions of not utilising donations for the purpose and forwarding a fabricated letter to Home Security Agency.

May I urge the NRIs to give enough publicity and persuade Home Security to investigate and find out the persons behind The Urdu letter who are most likely killers of Pankaj Trivedi.

Let's do some justice to a brave and noble man who invited his death for a cause of justice.

A Swadhyayee.

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An Observer
xx Post Pankajbhai Strategy
« Reply #25 on: Jun 25th, 2006, 12:55pm »

This plot reminds me of a novel: The Murder, She wrote.......
As I know, matters published in the news papers or magazines like "Arpar", "Chitralekha" etc is seen by this Organization as news of the day. Next day the new story shows up and the newspaper/Megazine becomes nothing but rubbish to be used by the shopkeeper to wrap things.

Nothing much is acieved........except for a publicity for the day and the story will be forgotten.

OK, so should this Organization be allowed to remain in its presnt form? I think not.

The Swadhyay will take a great relief now that Mr Trivedi has been brutly removed from the scene. By such a brutal killing 'Didi' has sent a message to others that 'she' is inviciable and that another Trivedi is not born to challenge her corrupt & autocratic power. If there were to be another Trevidi, 'she' can finish him too.

Now, what next?

To be sucessful, there must be a stratagy. I do not know whether Ms Trivedi & others have any 'post' event (after murder) strategy to make J Talwalker realise that she is wrong.

I have a 5 poiint plan:

(1) Hire a professional Barister of excellent high reputation from Delhi/Culcutta (as I am not sure whether Mumbai has any such lawyers!- sorry Mumbai) and obtain a 'stay order' on all the Trusts & finances on Pariwar until the matter is resolved to its ownership i.e. - the ulitmate communities from where it came from.

(2) Take messages to all the villages & towns where this Pariwar has centers. Educate the people that: yes go to the centeres but do not take part in any activities which generates wealth in the name of GOD. God does not need wealth. Because Bhagvat Gits says that: everything in this Universer belongs to me i..e Krishna & not to us. This is why when we die, we go empty handed! Make them realise that this is a business in the name of God & they are palying with your own emotions (as we Gujus are emotional fools!). Their time & money spent for this Priwar will not help their families and there is no justification when done by neglecting the families.

(3) Educate them that they do not let anyone misuse their trust and that to treat this Pariwar, an Organization. Your true Pariwar is your own family. In this Pariwar, you are needed so long as you are able to toil on their agriculture fields or do 'Bhav Pheris' and give your money. To justify this argument, devise a test formula & let me test this out for themselves. For examle, suggest that they ask a question to the "head" (so called Motabhai) about the finances and check for the reaction and after effect! Ask for a finance loan! and see what happens. Ask for transperency.

(4) Educate them that they do not attend mass rallys/programmes which is not for the benfits of the individuals but its merely a showcase for the Pariwar to demonstrate its muscle power to the society & satisfy "her" as well "her" henchmens ego!

(5) Ask the Indian + overseas chartiy commissions to investigate the purpose of the mass wealth accumulated and how it is intend to be spent for the benefit of the masses.

This is not exclusive but are my thoughts. I am sure many people will have similar thinking. Bring as many strong workable ideas/thoughts together and start impelmenting them.

Mr Trevid's life must not be allowed to go waste!

First of all this is almost two years since the death of Pankajbhai and instead of becoming a story on old newspaper this is reverberating across the globe. The new generation is tech savvy and they are going thru the net to collect the information. This has caused the biggest counter shock to Didi. I do not think that this story will ever be forgotten.

Your suggestions are great. Eventually, Ex Swadhyayees would develope enough courage to come out from shadow and take the leadership.

- Vijay Mehta

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xx Evidence leads to Rajkot
« Reply #26 on: Jun 25th, 2006, 5:55pm »
GANDHINAGAR: The key to solving the mystery surrounding the murder of NRI businessman Pankaj Trivedi could be in Saurashtra.

TOI sources in the state home ministry said on Sunday that "a major breakthrough in the murder case will be achieved soon, as the police are working on some significant leads in the case".

Several teams of city police are camping in Saurashtra to probe the murder that, cops say, is rooted in his legal tangle with some members of a socio-spiritual group, Swadhyay Parivar.

Trivedi was clubbed to death by four unidentified assailants on the evening of June 15. The police are now focusing on tracking the activities of some of the Swadhyay Parivar members,who hail from Saurashtra's fishermen community.

The sources said the assailants may have travelled to Ahmedabad from Saurashtra. NK Rathod, inspector at Ellisbridge police station, is a part of a five-member team sent to Rajkot to conduct this probe.

"We are probing similar attacks that took place on Swadhyay Parivar members who had sided with Trivedi in the dispute,"said Rathod.

In October 2003, one of Trivedi's associates, Vinu Sachaniya of Pardih in Jamnagar was beaten up by assailants who followed a modus operandi similar to that adopted by Trivedi's killers - they came armed with baseball bats and sticks in a Maruti van.

This, along with two other cases of assault on Trivedi's associates in Rajkot city - also dating back to 2003 - are being probed by Ahmedabad city police.

"In most of these cases, the real culprits had remained in the background. Questioning these people has finally begun to expose the real faces behind this murder and the legal dispute that links Trivedi and the Swadhyay Parivar,"said a highly placed police source.

(Inputs: Vikram Rautela in Ahmedabad)

This article clearly shows who murdered Pankajbhai and under whose instruction.

Let us hope that eventual killer (person with two 'D's in her name instead of 1 as in 'D' gang) is arrested and tried and punished.

God works in mysterious way. This might be the time to punish people who attacked innocent swadhayees fighting for truth. - Vijay Mehta
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xx To Parivar is increasing..
« Reply #27 on: Jun 26th, 2006, 06:48am »

" But, the result is this 5 year........Swadhyay increases double..........

about 3000 - Yuva it is 27000.....
about 4000 Yogeshwar it is about 10000/-
today more than 10 lac Yuvan speaks on GITA ever year..."
- Parivar is increasing

If those growth numbers are accurate as you are stating it is truely impressive. I am not sure thuough what is your source of that numbers.
But one thing is sure .. even that growth can not be sustained unless the the bhakts can be assured that they are worshipping the right Bhagwan.
So, commitment to non-violence, transparent accounting, use of money for the upliftment of poor etc. are essential ingradients of continued succes.
I have really not met anyone who is bent upon destryoing Swadhyay. But seems like Pankajbhai and others believed in Swadhyay, they dedicated their Tan -Man and Dhan for Swadhyay. And that is the reason they are risking everything to see changes in Swadhyay.

I am sure time will tell what impact Pankajbhai's sacrifice would have on Swadhyay and other religions in India. But I have a feeling that Pankajbhai did not die in vein.

We live in new enviornment where even the devotees will expect justice and accountability. Gone are the days when a strong religion can silence anyone raising questions.
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Greatest threat to Hindu religion comes from Dhongi Baba - Dada - Didi - Swami etc.
xx Re: Pankaj Trivedi Murdered...
« Reply #28 on: Jun 26th, 2006, 10:24am »

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Hemant shah
xx Let us put pressure on authorities
« Reply #29 on: Jun 26th, 2006, 11:17am »

An appeal to Mr. Vijaybhai Mehta and other prominent community leaders and organizations........

It has been 11 days after Shri Pankajbhai's brutal murder. Despite of Late Pankajbhai's letters to President, Cheif minister of Gujarat, Home Minister of India, Police superitendent clearly stating risk of his life and even providing names of people to hold responsible in case he is killed, Gujarat police is still shooting in dark and "going slow" on investigations. Not a good sign.......

As a community leader, you should write a letter to Chief Minister Narendra Modi, President of India, Prime Minister of India and demand a thorough, prompt and impartial probe into the gruesome murder.

Chief Minister's Office
Block No 1, 5th Floor, New Sachivalaya,
Gandhinagar 382 010,
Gujarat, INDIA.
E-mail of Hon'ble Chief Minister:
Tel: +91-79-23232611 to 18 (O)

Good Suggestion. Do you have the contact information for the Prime Minister and the President?

It is concerning to know that after this many days authorities seem to be lost in this case.

This is also a sad commentary about the news media in Gujarat. Independent news media that is willing to do investigative reporting and keeping populace informed is crucial to democracy. Now that this story is catching attention suddenly media is busy printing all sorts of stories. While the fact is, most of this information was public knowledge for quite some time. Where was the media then? - Vijay Mehta
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The threat to Hinduism is coming from 'dhongi' babas, gurus and didis.
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