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Jan 23rd, 2018, 10:18am

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Vijay Mehta

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xx Shri Radhe Shyam in Temple June 14, R U Coming?
« Thread started on: Jun 13th, 2010, 11:44am »

Congratulations! Gujarati Samaj brought another quality program with no ticket. Everyone was able to enjoy it with the family without worrying about the payment. Why? Because there were enough generous people who made it possible.
It happens only in Temple Tx!!!

Arrive at 6 and enjoy free pizza and drinks
Show to start at 7

Set your GPS to
Cultural Activities Center
3011 North 3rd Street
Temple, TX 76501
254 773 9926

From North: Waco
Exit 303 B for North 3rd street
Once you get to the North 3rd go North on North 3rd (take left)
The first building on your right is Cultural Activities Center

From South Austin
Exit 303 for Mayborn Civic Center (not the one for Industrial boulevard)
Immediately you will be taking a Right on north 3rd Street
First building on your left is Mayborn Civic Center and the next one is

Dear Friends,

On Friday, Jun 11th I went to a live performance in Austin by a professional group from India. The show is about the Life of Krishna and Radha. I was expecting the usual song and dance. However, little did I know that I was in for a big surprise. The group did an excellent job of making the audience feel as if they were actually witnessing the Krishna Leela. For three hours we sat at the edge of our seats absorbing the love of Krishna all around us.

There were very few non-Gujarati's in the audience. I guess they must have felt that language barrier would not allow them to enjoy the show. They could not be more wrong. Regardless of what language you speak the love of Radha Krishna can transcend thru ages and language barrier. So if you are not Gujarati do not worry the magic of Radha and Krishna will captivate you. The language of Radha Krishna - music & dance is universal.

The show appeals to young as well as old. The youth who do not understand any Indian language is likely to enjoy as much as a grand mother who is 80!

I was so impressed with the performance that I requested the group to perform in Temple TX and feeling my enthusiasm they agreed. The only slot open for them was Monday Jun 14th. Organizing such a premier event in such a short notice is not an easy task and I can use all the help I can get.

To day, being a Saturday it was not possible to confirm a venue but we were able to contact Cultural Activities Center, Temple and they informed me that since there is no other event on Monday we should be able to stage the performance. (Tentative confirmation of the venue.)

Next challenge was to figure out the financial aspect of the show (no successful event can be launched without the blessings of Laxmi!) In current tough economic times the moment the tickets price seem too high the size of audience evaporates like water in hot sunny day. To address this issue few of us decided that with the quality of performance it was more important to bring the this spiritual journey to our community than to worry about the bottom line. So in a radical move, that Gujarati Samaj of Central Texas is so well known, we are CHARGING NO TICKET!!! We want you to experience this amazing performance depicting the Krishna with your family and friends. If this opens up your heart and pocket book we welcome any donations.

Food and Drinks: While it is customary for the organizers to charge for the snacks and drinks to generate alternate source of revenues we are offering refreshment and drinks for free from 6 to 7 PM.

If you are coming please email me at and let me know how many people are coming so that provision can be made for enough food and we can inform you should there be any changes.

As you can see our approach is quite radical. However so was the life and teaching of Lord Krishna. I am sure once you watch their performance you will also agree with me that this is truly inspirational event.

I like to hear from you even if you are not able to make it.

User Image
Sathvaro Shri Radhy Shyamno Part 2

A dynamic show with Live orchestra of 8 topnotch musicians
35 highly talented dancers bring the Krishna Leela live in the auditorium.
3 Hours of non stop inspiration.

User Image
Kusuum fame - Bakul Thakkar (he was Kusuum's Uncle)
masterful at keeping you laughing and clapping

at Cultural Activities Center
3011 N 3rd Street, Temple (Exit 303 on Hwy 35)
Monday, June 14, 2010 7:00 PM Sharp

Free Refreshment 6:00 to 7:00 PM

Be prepared to participate in the event as a devotee not watch the show as a spectator and feel the full impact of "Krishna Leela!'

Since this show has been organized in less than one business day there may be lot of new developments, please check this link frequently for any updated information.

~Vijay Mehta
254 774 8247
254 721 7245
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Greatest threat to Hindu religion comes from Dhongi Baba - Dada - Didi - Swami etc.
Vijay Mehta

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xx Kya Baat Kya Baat Kya Baat
« Reply #1 on: Jun 14th, 2010, 9:58pm »

More than 400 people showed up to witness the marvel of "Sathvaro Sri Radhi Shyamno."

The program started exactly at 7.00 PM after the free refreshment.

The standing ovation by the audience and their personal testament to the feelings created by the performance was evident.

Unlike other shows there was no admission fee for attending the event or for the refreshment. t

They came as an audience and left as the Devotees. Many of them remarked that they had not felt such devotion for a long long time. The group performed their magic as usual.

For anyone who has the opportunity to view this show please do not miss it - even if it means driving for 3 hours.

~ Vijay Mehta
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Greatest threat to Hindu religion comes from Dhongi Baba - Dada - Didi - Swami etc.
Vijay Mehta

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xx Feedback
« Reply #2 on: Jun 15th, 2010, 11:24am »

The Sathvaro Sri Radhe Shyamno was not a performance but an experience.

The audience gave feedback by showing up in large numbers on a Monday (working day) more than 400 people showed up ON TIME! Many of them drove from as far as 160 miles.

They also donated more than $ 7500 for the program. As mentioned above no tickets were charged but they put their donation in the envelope to contribute to the program.

Even if you come with a mindset of a spectator we shall send you home with the mindset of a devotee!

This was an amazing performance. I am not much of a devotee - I am a believer of Karma yoga and not Bhakti yoga. However the powerful combination of excellent music - clever choreography - talented and dedicated artistes and compelling way of telling the story was truly phenomenal. I took a huge risk of people not showing up and losing a large amount money. However "Murphy's law was active in reverse! Everything that could have gone wrong went right we broke even and had a house full audience in an ultra short notice in a small town with less than 100 Desi families. This was all possible due to the fact that this show delivers a powerful message. ~Vijay Mehta Organizer for the show in Temple, TX

Here is the feedback from Gira Modi who drove 160 miles one way to be the part of this experience.

"Dear Vijaybhai,
I live in Allen, Texas about 40 miles north of Dallas, Texas. We wanted to see this show on Sunday night at Dallas, Texas. As we all know, how hit this show has gone, we could not find any tickets to see it in Dallas, Texas at all. As much disappointed I was, somehow, one of the voluteer from Dallas, Texas called me Monday morning, telling me, it is being played Monday night at Temple, Texas and due to short notice, you needed more audience. And......we started driving at 4:00 pm (after work), arrived there at 6:35 pm, enjoyed your ATITHI DEVO BHAVA Dinner and wathched fatastic show, and drove back to Dallas, ALLEN - arrived at 2:00 am home, just three ladies. Today, I can not do anything at all. My mind is in Mathura and Krishna and Radha. What we should have done, is taken 35 South and gone to Austin to see this show again tonight and furthermore, but took 35 North and went to work this morning. Stupid choice.......I feel today. Telling mine and my friends husband, you have missed a lot........You know, what I mean, right? There are no words and I have never given this many compliments to any shows personally, in my life. Yes, I am stingy at giving credit, This is once in a lifetime, no matter what is you age or language?

Anyway, I want you to convey this message to the management team that performing onle one show in one town or city is not covering all audience, people are getting disappointed. As I have heard, that they have their own coach bus and they are not flying, so, may be in this case, they should play more performances in one place and cover entire audience. This way, they do not have to travel more and cover one region completely at a time. People are disapponting and it is tiresome for their team as well.

tamo a mane krishna ma rangili banavi didhi.
Thanks Vijaybhai,
Gira Modi
Allen TX "

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Greatest threat to Hindu religion comes from Dhongi Baba - Dada - Didi - Swami etc.
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