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Jan 23rd, 2018, 10:55am

Giving the Gift of Life is the might be the most spiritual act of your life!

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Are you a real hero
xx Save Nirali Naik
« Thread started on: Oct 9th, 2007, 4:25pm »

"Then, after a long stretch of recovery, Nirali's condition was taking even more turns for the worse. - since the news of CMV in her blood, fluid buildup around the heart was discovered and Nirali was readmitted to the hospital. This is where Nirali sleeps tonight, not knowing if tomorrow brings healing or decline. For Nirali, the future is unwritten. Most of us will never know her sacrifice, but we can make a small one of our own. For children like Nirali, marrow donation is their only hope. When one remembers the suffering of Nirali, our own excuses for inaction fade to dust, and we are confronted with a duty to help.

We can not save Nirali with our tears, only our deeds. Maybe we can all do a good deed in her honor. Sign her guest book at (Content provided by Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches and
This is from about Nirali Naik's life.

The final sentence or this qoute by the author of the article makes a clear and very Powerful statement.

"We can not save Nirali with our tears, only our deeds. Maybe we can all do a good deed in her honor. "

People need to realise that just crying or ignoring a person doesn't do good for anyone. Taking action is crucial life in donations to save lives. Whether you want to save people from illnesses, protect animals, fighting to save the environment, give help to malnourished people suffering from poverty, or anything else. It requires action of donation, advocacy, volunteering, and work. How can people expect problems to disappear on it's own? I think that's the major problem in our world we forget to take the time to think about others and doing service for others. It's truly hardworking people who take the time to reaching out are the real heroes. Those people like Dr. Mehta and other fine individuals who take time from their busy schedules or family time to help someone in need. What makes them special is that they do that as part of their life. They never give up. I think if everyone done their part, we wouldn't have extreme problems in our world the way we do now. It just shows many aren't reaching out to others on a regular basis. The way our world is crumbling, we should re-think about our lifestyle.

I think its take courage and big hearts for people to do services like these on a daily basis. These people know in the end it's the right thing to do saving and helping to improve the world. I think those people who advocate, donate and volunteer are heroes. Thums up for people like Vijay Mehta, Unicef, etc people who risk their lives and used their time and talents to helping those in need.

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