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Jan 20th, 2018, 09:52am

You can go to medical school with an average GPA and MCAT.

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Vijay Mehta

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« Thread started on: Mar 5th, 2003, 06:58am »

Dear friends,

You are in the waiting room with other 30 bright students just like you who also want to be a doctors. But stastically only less than half of you will be get admission that year. What can you do to improve your odds?

The answer is " your performance in 30 minutes during that interview."

You work hard for four years getttng that GPA and go thru lots of training and hardship to get a decent MCAT. Unfortunately the academic achievements including the what school you came from (all the big bucks you might have spent going to the ivy league school!), your major, GPA, MCAT etc only factors for less than one fourth of your total score - that will decide if you do or do not get that admission!

This fact astounds most of the applicants. This is the reason you might know someone with lower GPA and MCAT than you getting admission while you are still waiting for interview. What can one do to improve the rest of the 75% of score? How can you become or let them know that you are that outstanding applicant the medical school is looking for?

I am going to guide you thru this process thru the forum here. One of the attribute you need to work on is to have good knowledge and your own thought on the issues that are facing health profession to day.

I shall post a brief message and the link to the full article. When you read the article get in the habit of remembering some specific numbers that makes your answer more than a generic answer. Than you also need to react to the information. For example, one applicant may say, "There are too many uninsured in this country."

While the other would say," There are more than 41 Million people in this country who has no health insurance and in 2001-2001 there were 71 Million people who were not insured for some period of time. The people who do not have health insurance do not seek the medical care in time so they are diagnosed at the advanced stage of disease and costing our economy even more." Just ask your self which candidat is walking out with admission?

Once you read some news try to react to it simply by putting your self in that situation. How would you feel if you did not have insurance and had severe headache or felt without energy for past six months. Use this kind of topic generate discussion with your other pre med friends. And than develop unique solution to the problem that would tell us that you are the problem solver that future America needs as a doctor.

More later...

Vijay Uncle

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You still go to heaven even if you do not go to Medical School !
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