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Jan 20th, 2018, 09:56am

You can go to medical school with an average GPA and MCAT.

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Vijay Mehta
xx How do you rank as an applicant?
« Thread started on: Mar 6th, 2003, 09:51am »

Admission to medical school is so much more than a good GPA and MCAT. As a matter of fact the ranking of your school (all the big bucks you might have spent going to a big name school), major you choose, your GPA and MCAT (after hundreds of hours of preparatory course), only factors for less than 25% of total score. This is the score that decides whether or not you get that admission.

What are the medical schools looking for? This is the question often asked just like medical schools asks the candidate, why do you want to be a doctor! The answer is not simple. But basically medical school is looking for great human beings
Great communicators who inspire confidence.
Cream of the crop academically (I personally do not think so! I think slightly above average individuals can easily master all the concepts). Currently average GPA required is above 3.5 and MCAT 29.
With burning desire to help others, who have truly altruistic heart (4+ heart)
Problem solvers, leaders, students who have over come hardship, mature and trustworthy of the faith that society places on them.
Highly motivated individuals who want to be a doctor for the right reason not the money and glory but burning desire to help others and serve the humanity.

So they look at the applicants more as multifaceted individual rather than just smart brain. The odds of getting admission is about 40%, that means 60% of applicants do not get the admission after all that efforts.

You can improve your odds tremendously if you also put more efforts in
a. Improving all your characteristics
b. Make sure you have a strategy to let the medical school know all your positive traits.

So the first step is to take inventory of your self. Here is a proposed format for you to do some introspection and identify the strengths and weakness. This will also guide you to work on improving different aspects of your application.

The survey is posted in next two posts. Feel free to send me your views at or post on this board.
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Vijay Mehta
xx Rank your self
« Reply #1 on: Mar 6th, 2003, 09:53am »

Please rate yourself on a scale of 1-10
9 & 10 Outstanding (you are top 10-15% in this category) among all your peers
7 & 8 excellent (you are top 30% of people in your group)
5 & 6 Very Good (most of category you will fall in this)
3 & 4 Good but need to work on
1 & 2 Need serious improvement

( ) Confident presentation
( ) Good listener
( ) Clarity of thought
( ) Posture and Eye contact
( ) Make a credible presentation
( ) Express emotions
( ) Accept opinion of others
( ) Proven ability to follow
( ) Had proven ability to lead

( ) Communication and Interaction Over all ranking

( ) Your GPA/ How many hours completed?
( ) Achieved Good MCAT
( ) Grades have been consistent from semester to semester?
( ) Organic Chemistry grades
( ) Last 60 hours GPA
( ) Enjoy learning
( ) Demonstrated good judgment in planning education
( ) Has lead, taught and directed others
( ) Taken courses to learn not to pass
( ) Broad learning experience
( ) Has done meaningful research

( ) Learning Abilities & Attitude- Overall rating

( ) Good general knowledge of current issues
( ) Has understanding of poor or disadvantaged
( ) Able to discuss problems affecting our society
( ) Has participated in altruistic activities
( ) Has knowledge of problems facing health care

( ) Social Consciousness, altruism and understanding of health care over all ranking

( ) Balanced and well rounded
( ) Reliable and honest
( ) Has developed own ideas about life
( ) Have make independent choices
( ) Active rather than passive in dealing with the environment
( ) Has own identity and possess positive self-image
( ) Have accepted criticism
( ) Has related well with family and friends
( ) Has worked well in team situation
( ) Have not depended on external reinforcement
( ) Demonstrated flexibility and sensitivity

( ) Maturity, Stability and tolerance over all ranking

( ) Has and can respond to ever increasing pressure
( ) Has desire to perform at high standard
( ) Proceeds with work without prompting
( ) Accepts delay in gratification
( ) Have long-term goals beyond graduation
( ) Has expressed desire to use the knowledge for betterment of society
( ) Has demonstrated concern for welfare for rural or underserved community
( ) Has done lot of volunteer work (list top three how many hours)

( ) Motivation overall ranking

( ) Has done a lot of medically related work to have realistic understanding of medical field (List top three how many hours)

( ) Have outstanding extracurricular activities (List top three)

( ) Had to endure unusual incidence in personal life or nearest relative or friends (List top three)

( ) Has demonstrated leadership skill (List top three)

( ) Any Other major attribute please list:

( ) Has extraordinary gift in Sport, Art, or in other areas. (explain)

( ) Has lead unusual projects already (explain)

Negatives: Rank them (1 means you have no problem 1O means you have a big problem)

( ) Makes false statement or false representation
( ) Does not have enough brainpower to handle academic load
( ) Highly inconsistent performer
( ) Has no empathy for others
( ) Disorganized thought process
( ) Seems abrasive
( ) Becomes angry and blame others when things go wrong
( ) Rigid in conviction and ideas
( ) Tactless and inconsiderate
( ) Has little or no endurance
( ) Lack respect for the authority
( ) Has given little or no thought to contingency if Medical school plan fails
( ) Cannot see alternatives
( ) Needs constant supervision to complete tasks or assignment
( ) Is impatient with steps necessary to achieve goals
( ) Has not thought out a long-term plans (what is no admission?)
( ) Motivated for medicine because of outside pressure.
( ) Motivation for medicine is more for money or title
( ) Conviction for alcohol drug etc
( ) Academic probation or disciplinary actions

Other negatives please list:
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Vijay Mehta
xx Re: How do you rank as an applicant?
« Reply #2 on: Mar 6th, 2003, 12:28pm »

Unique characteristics, please list your unique strengths.

Please list all the topics you would hope the interviewer ask you. These should be the subject that you feel you can be in top 10 percentile of the interviewees because of your passion, experience or knowledge of the subject. Our goal is to make sure all these issues are very evident in your application or you have a strategy to bring to the attention of the interviewer.

For re-applicants write briefly as to why the school that did not expect you in the past should accept you now?

Have you changed your strategy to get admission as to applying to more schools or applying early etc?

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