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Jan 23rd, 2018, 10:33am

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xx Question Your Personal Truth
« Thread started on: Mar 25th, 2010, 4:04pm »

As I have said many times before, we all have our personal truths. These personal truths are based on our DNA, life experiences, background, education, peer (Samaj) generated, or our personal biases do play a major role in our decision making. To me personal truths are like our spouses. We can’t live without them and some times we can’t live with them! I simply can’t imagine life without my wife but there are moments where I have a trouble surviving with her! (Shhh, make sure you do not go tell her!)

What I propose we do is this. We start out with our personal truth –because that is what we have believed to be true and over all has served us well, but at the same time we put it under the microscope and critically examine if it is really true or not. This is a very difficult (and for some of us it is an impossible) process. Personal truth should not be changed from outside forces but it must happen from our core. Only role the others need play is to point out the alternative truth and then you need to engage into the hard part. Question your personal truth and figure out if they need stay or go! The most important test you need to apply is to question. “Does this truth serve my long term need?” or “Does this particular truth serve me or screw me?”

Once you identify the need to change the personal truth at cerebral level the difficult task it to change at cardiac level. After all to deprogram some thing that has been programmed for 30 years is going take some time.

I plan to post many true stories where in my opinion the personal truth may be more harmful than helpful. Mind you these are biased views of one person. I think a public dialogue may help different people to change or reinforce their own personal truths. Please forgive me if I happen to make fun of your personal truth it just shows my strong bias against it. And feel free to change your personal truth if you are suddenly enlightened and realize that changing your personal truth is likely to server you better.

I think our brain is like a computer hard drive and it collects garbage and harmful viruses over time. Smart ones among us do regularly clean up hard drive to keep in functioning at an optimal level.

Many of us are seriously handicapped due to our inability to question our personal truths. So many times I have listened to the personal truth of these personal truths from many in my seriously looking group. I try not to question their personal truth but hope that they will eventually question their personal truth on their own. I am always willing to talk to you, should you be wiling to talk to me about your personal truths and how they may be serving you or dis-serving you.

Here is how you start: (for example your personal truth may be that you must marry a vegetarian or Patel or a woman younger than you or I must marry a woman younger than me for a man or an ABCD-FOB marriage can never work etc.)
What is my personal truth that many around me do not agree with?
What percentage of people who are close to me and who I respect would disagree with my personal truth?
Is my personal truth intuition based or evidence based?
What would be the alternative truth according to the most people in # 2?
What would be the downside if I were to accept the alternative truth?
Between my personal truth or the alternative truth, which one is going to serve me well in long run?
Am I so stuck on my personal truth due to my lack of courage to accept the alternate truth?
Can I find a happy compromise between my personal truth and the alternate truth?

Subscribing to wrong personal truth may be coming in your way to happiness in long run.

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