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Jan 23rd, 2018, 10:35am

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xx It is time to come out of Closet if ur serious
« Thread started on: Aug 14th, 2010, 11:40am »

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One of the major obstacles in the spousal search lies in total confusion and lack of clear guidelines. Everyone is trying is 'do it yourself' project and hopes that by trial and error method it will workout somehow. While some of you are lucky and do find that special someone for many others it becomes a very frustrating exercise in futility.

So here is my attempt to help the process.

In match making setting there are 'non shoppers' or 'window shoppers' or 'comparison shoppers' and finally my favorite group 'serious shoppers' The problem lies in not being able to decipher as to what category a prospect spotted by you belongs. What if you invest so much time and energy in someone you really liked only to find out that he was a 'non shopper?' At a recent conference a wonderful man drew lot of attention from so many ladies who presumed that he must be unmarried but like me he does not wear a wedding band. Imagine the frustration and pain from this simple misunderstanding.

I start out by asking few basic questions when I see a men or women at such events. Are you Single? Are you Straight? Are you Seriously Looking? (Of course, while they are answering this question I am trying to judge - are you Sane and are you Sincere?)

Once the prospect assures me that he/she is indeed meets all my criteria I paste this special sticker on their ID badge which would make them stand out in the crowd as 'motivated buyer' or 'motivated seller.' In the crowded word we live in, it is extremely important for any one seriously looking to invest maximum energy in others who are also in the same category.

Next I am going to develop some basic code of conduct these 'seriously looking' people sign up for. This way there is much more clarity between them as to what is the process and what is expected of them.

For example if you go to Net IP and there are 550 odd people, of those 300 may be of opposite gender and may be 25- 50 may seem to you from the casual looking (curb appeal) to be acceptable to you. How do you approach a random person and bring the conversation to the level of learning about the deal breakers etc.? Well, if both of you have the sticker it is agreed that both parties will be willing to engage in a short conversation and ask any pertinent question to figure out if in deed there is any possibility. This will improve the screening process.

Also if one you’re your friend notices two of you with our Serious sticker he/she may be more motivated to introduce both of you.

Instead of paying 50-75 dollars and standing in line for an hour to play musical chair (so called speed dating or stupid dating) wearing the sticker indeed attracts others who are in the same boat and you need not feel embarrassed about approaching them. After all when you are seriously looking you are on a mission.

I also have developed the watermark for anyone who wants participate in this process. This logs at the corner of your picture makes others in the same boat to approach you without hesitation.

Please spread the word to anyone seriously looking. There is nothing embarrassing if you are Straight - Single and of Age and others find out you are seriously looking - to me that means you are NORMAL!!!

This is a call to all seriously looking - IT IS TIME TO COME OUT OF THE CLOSET!

I am working on developing code of conduct if you have any suggestions please contact me.

if you wish to have a watermark on your picture do send them to me.

Let us get out of doldrum - think out of the box - stay focused on the mission.

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